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Past events

05/01/2020 MNYCCPOA & COVID-19: Virtual Coffee Chat with the President
04/23/2020 MNYCCPOA & COVID-19: Virtual Happy Hour
04/17/2020 MNYCCPOA & COVID-19: Best Practices in Working Remotely and Serving Students (Virtual Session)
01/10/2020 MNYCCPOA Winter 2020 Meeting: "The Future of Me: Injecting Wellness Into Your Work"
11/14/2019 MNYCCPOA Fall 2019 Meeting: The Future of Us
08/08/2019 SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR 2019-2020 EVENTS!
05/03/2019 MNYCCPOA Spring 2019 Meeting: Alva Cooper Awards for Best Practices in Career Services & Artificial Intelligence in the Recruitment Process
03/22/2019 MNYCCPOA DiSC Training
01/07/2019 MNYCCPOA Winter 2019 Meeting: Developing Career Services Leaders Through Mentorship Relationships. Sponsored by PeopleGrove
11/30/2018 MNYCCPOA Fall 2018 Meeting: Fostering Student Leadership: Supervising, Mentoring, and Collaborating with Student Leaders, Interns, and On-Campus Student Employees
10/30/2018 HBO Site Visit
05/04/2018 Alva Cooper Awards & Diversity in the Workplace May 4th @ NYIT, Manhattan Campus
03/29/2018 MNYCCPOA Speed Networking
01/11/2018 You're Invited: CSTM Conference 2018
11/16/2017 MNYCCPOA Fall Meeting: Industry Partnerships are Leading to T-Shaped Graduates for the Digital Economy
05/12/2017 Alva Cooper Awards & Coaching Undocumented and International Students May 12th @ NYU
01/12/2017 Career Services Technology Meeting 2017
01/11/2017 MNYCCPOA Winter 2017 Professional Development Session
11/18/2016 MNYCCPOA Fall 2016 Meeting
10/21/2016 Site Visit & Happy Hour
07/28/2016 MNYCCPOA Site Visit / Happy Hour
07/01/2016 Coming soon: 2016-17 Organizational Membership Bundle Option
05/12/2016 MNYCCPOA Spring 2016 Meeting: Alva Cooper Awards & Next Practices in Career Services
01/13/2016 MNYCCPOA Winter 2016 Meeting: Wellness and Balance for Counselors
11/13/2015 MNYCCPOA 55th Anniversary Celebration
05/01/2015 MNYCCPOA Spring 2015 Meeting
01/23/2015 MNYCCPOA Winter 2015 Meeting
11/07/2014 MNYCCPOA Fall 2014 Meeting
05/02/2014 MNYCCPOA Spring 2014 Meeting - Prepare for the Future
01/10/2014 MNYCCPOA Winter 2014 Meeting
11/15/2013 MNYCCPOA Fall Meeting: STEM Careers and Trends
05/03/2013 MNYCCPOA Spring Meeting: Emerging Technologies in Career Services & Alva Cooper Awards
01/18/2013 MNYCCPOA Winter 2012 Meeting: Career Counseling for Veterans
05/11/2012 MNYCCPOA Spring Meeting: Strategies in Teaching Career Development & Alva Cooper Awards
02/03/2012 MNYCCPOA Winter Meeting:Grant Writing for Career Development Professionals
10/21/2011 MNYCCPOA Fall 2011 Meeting: Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
07/22/2011 Submit your 2011-12 Career Events
05/03/2011 MNYCCPOA Spring Meeting: Careers in Education & Alva Cooper Awards
02/10/2011 MNYCCPOA Winter Meeting: Assessment & Student Learning Outcomes
12/14/2010 MNYCCPOA 50th Anniversary Celebration
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