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Membership Levels

Three types of membership are available:

Full Membership

  • Has primary responsibility in career planning and/or placement in a degree granting college, university, or other educational institution, in the greater New York metropolitan area.
  • May vote and hold elected office in MNYCCPOA.

Associate Member


  • Involved with career planning and/or placement but has primary responsibility elsewhere within the institution.
  • Former full member now in a different position within the institution and no longer eligible for full membership.
  • May have rights and privileges except eligibility to vote or hold elected office.

Student Member


  • A graduate student enrolled in a course of study leading to a career in career planning or placement.
  • May have rights and privileges except eligibility to vote or hold elected office.

Individual Membership

Application for Individual Membership is available here Upon review and approval of your application, the Executive Board will notify you. Your payment must be received before your application is processed.  Payment can be made via check payable to "MNYCCPOA" or by online secure payment.

Annual Dues: 

Full and Associate Members: $50; Student Members: $25

Event Pricing:

In-Person Events: Full and Associate Members: $50; Students Members: $25; Non-Members: $100

Virtual Events: Full and Associate Members: $30; Students Members: $15; Non-Members: $60

Institutional Membership Option

Qualified Full members may join together as a group from one office to form an Institutional Membership Bundle. Pricing is based on office size.

  • Small Office (5-7) – $250

  • Medium Office (8-10) – $400

  • Large Office (11-14) – $550

  • Extra Large Office (15-19) – $750

    For information on Institutional Membership, contact our

    Membership Year

    Membership runs from September 1 through August 31.  All membership application/renewals are subject to full level rates when purchased anytime within this period.  No carry-over rates will apply in the new term.  

    We welcome you to join us!

    MNYCCPOA is an equal opportunity organization that does not discriminate for reasons of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, , national origin, or disability.


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