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Upcoming events

    • 07/22/2020
    • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EDT)

    MNYCCPOA Round Tables

    Helping Students Build Mental Toughness and Overcome Self DoubtDuring Uncertain Times

    Wednesday, 7/22

    5-6 PM

    Join fellow MNYCCPOA members in an informal roundtable discussion focusing on“Helping Students Build Mental Toughness and Overcome Self Doubt During Uncertain Times.” This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with colleagues and enjoy a stimulating discussion. This is hosted by MNYCCPOA's own Professional Development Committee, and facilitated by its chair, Dr. Hilary Berger. 

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    • 07/30/2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

    MNYCCPOA Summer Webinar:

    Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: A Workshop for Allies & Advocates in Career Services

    Thursday, 7/30

    12-1 PM

    Gabrielle Royal (She/Her/Herself), Owner, Inclusion First Consulting, LLC

    This discussion will provide Career Services professionals with an allyship toolkit to support, advocate, and be champions of progress for students of color on their respective campuses. This workshop will provide attendees with a safe space and opportunity to discuss relevant issues in the diversity and inclusion arena, while promoting honest dialogue about the complexities of race, social justice, and industry trends in light of recent events impacting communities of color. 

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Past events

05/01/2020 MNYCCPOA & COVID-19: Virtual Coffee Chat with the President
04/23/2020 MNYCCPOA & COVID-19: Virtual Happy Hour
04/17/2020 MNYCCPOA & COVID-19: Best Practices in Working Remotely and Serving Students (Virtual Session)
01/10/2020 MNYCCPOA Winter 2020 Meeting: "The Future of Me: Injecting Wellness Into Your Work"
11/14/2019 MNYCCPOA Fall 2019 Meeting: The Future of Us
08/08/2019 SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR 2019-2020 EVENTS!
05/03/2019 MNYCCPOA Spring 2019 Meeting: Alva Cooper Awards for Best Practices in Career Services & Artificial Intelligence in the Recruitment Process
03/22/2019 MNYCCPOA DiSC Training
01/07/2019 MNYCCPOA Winter 2019 Meeting: Developing Career Services Leaders Through Mentorship Relationships. Sponsored by PeopleGrove
11/30/2018 MNYCCPOA Fall 2018 Meeting: Fostering Student Leadership: Supervising, Mentoring, and Collaborating with Student Leaders, Interns, and On-Campus Student Employees
10/30/2018 HBO Site Visit
05/04/2018 Alva Cooper Awards & Diversity in the Workplace May 4th @ NYIT, Manhattan Campus
03/29/2018 MNYCCPOA Speed Networking
01/11/2018 You're Invited: CSTM Conference 2018
11/16/2017 MNYCCPOA Fall Meeting: Industry Partnerships are Leading to T-Shaped Graduates for the Digital Economy
05/12/2017 Alva Cooper Awards & Coaching Undocumented and International Students May 12th @ NYU
01/12/2017 Career Services Technology Meeting 2017
01/11/2017 MNYCCPOA Winter 2017 Professional Development Session
11/18/2016 MNYCCPOA Fall 2016 Meeting
10/21/2016 Site Visit & Happy Hour
07/28/2016 MNYCCPOA Site Visit / Happy Hour
07/01/2016 Coming soon: 2016-17 Organizational Membership Bundle Option
05/12/2016 MNYCCPOA Spring 2016 Meeting: Alva Cooper Awards & Next Practices in Career Services
01/13/2016 MNYCCPOA Winter 2016 Meeting: Wellness and Balance for Counselors
11/13/2015 MNYCCPOA 55th Anniversary Celebration
05/01/2015 MNYCCPOA Spring 2015 Meeting
01/23/2015 MNYCCPOA Winter 2015 Meeting
11/07/2014 MNYCCPOA Fall 2014 Meeting
05/02/2014 MNYCCPOA Spring 2014 Meeting - Prepare for the Future
01/10/2014 MNYCCPOA Winter 2014 Meeting
11/15/2013 MNYCCPOA Fall Meeting: STEM Careers and Trends
05/03/2013 MNYCCPOA Spring Meeting: Emerging Technologies in Career Services & Alva Cooper Awards
01/18/2013 MNYCCPOA Winter 2012 Meeting: Career Counseling for Veterans
05/11/2012 MNYCCPOA Spring Meeting: Strategies in Teaching Career Development & Alva Cooper Awards
02/03/2012 MNYCCPOA Winter Meeting:Grant Writing for Career Development Professionals
10/21/2011 MNYCCPOA Fall 2011 Meeting: Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
07/22/2011 Submit your 2011-12 Career Events
05/03/2011 MNYCCPOA Spring Meeting: Careers in Education & Alva Cooper Awards
02/10/2011 MNYCCPOA Winter Meeting: Assessment & Student Learning Outcomes
12/14/2010 MNYCCPOA 50th Anniversary Celebration
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